I am unable to pay with my debit/credit card. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons that may cause a payment failure which we recommend you investigate with your bank:


  • Is it a debit card? Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. If you are trying to use one of these cards, you will need to use another card to make the purchase.

  • Does it have cross-border restrictions? Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued in a country other than the UK, this could be the problem. In this case, you should contact your bank to see if they have this restriction, and if so, request for it to be removed.

  • Is it an HSA or FSA card? Some cards, such as corporate cards or FSA cards, can only be used for certain business categories such as travel or healthcare. 


If you need to update the card that you have on file with us please click here for help on doing this.

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