How do I upload my website files to the internet?

To upload your website files to the internet you will need to download and install a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program.

There are many popular and free FTP's available to download. Filezilla and CyberDuck FTP are entirely free and highly recommended.

Once you have acquired a FTP for your computer, you will need to use the FTP to log into your Black Moon Hosting cPanel account. Your account log-in details are located in an email entitled 'Welcome Email'.

How to: Log Into Your Black Moon Hosting Account Using Filezilla

  • Open Filezilla, click 'file' and then select 'site manager'.
  • Click the 'New Site' button.
  • Under the general tab input the following details:

- IP address of:
- Protocol: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
- Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
- Log on type: Normal
- Enter the username and password that we have to supplied to you in your Welcome Email.

  • Now click 'Connect' and double-click on the 'www' folder text located in the Remote Site section.
  • While in the 'www' folder, find your local website folder within the Local Site section and double-click it.
  • Select all of the files within your local website folder and drag them across into the 'www' folder.

FileZilla Using
  • Your homepage should be named index.htm , index.html or index.php in order for it to display properly on the internet.

The above method of uploading files is applicable to all FTP's, including Cyberduck FTP.
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